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    Issues with transportation

    Although the carriers take all the necessary care to ensure the integrity of the shipments, sometimes accidents may occur and lead to damaged or lost items. Also in certain situations there may be delays in shipments.

    During transport the following problems may occur:

    Damage of the object

    Normally the carrier detects these situations if there is damage to the external packaging and issues a communication to the sender requesting instructions to proceed with the delivery or return to sender.

    If the consignee notices any damage on the outer packaging of the item they should inform the carrier of this situation or refuse the delivery

    Repackaging of the object

    Due to spilled liquids, the packaging of the item may be damaged so that the carrier will have to repack the item in order to continue the transport. This process may lead to delays in delivery

    Item loss

    Unfortunately sometimes, during the transport the transit label may come loose or become illegible preventing the shipment to be delivered. At the same time it may also occur that the shipment is wrongly forwarded to an address different from the one it should be, leading to its loss.

    Sometimes, through the description of the object’s contents, the carrier may locate the order and finalise the delivery.

    Whenever the tracking history of an item is not updated for more than 48 hours, with rare exceptions (CTT extra-community shipments) you should contact our support so that we can verify the cause of this situation.

    In order to facilitate and speed up the receipt of an answer you should include in this contact a detailed description of the content of the shipment as well as the sales invoice and the invoice proving the purchase price of the item.




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