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    Issues with Importing shipments


    Importing shipments from your online shop to the Shiptimize platform may not occur due to the following situations:


    Online Shop not set up correctly

    Only if there is a correct installation and configuration of the plugin the importation of shipments will occur.

    Plugin outdated

    It is advisable to keep your plugin up to date as using outdated plugins could lead to poor communication between your online shop and our platform.

    No shipments in the state configured for Import

    Only shipments in the selected status can be imported to the Shiptimize platform. Check that the configuration is as you wish and that the shipments you wish to import are in the correct status

    Existing shipments in the Online Shop are too old

    To avoid importing old shipments on our platform, only shipments less than 14 days old are considered for the importation process.


    If you still have the same problem, please contact our support team and send us print-screens of your online shop of the items you want to import and of the configuration page of your shop.




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