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    Customs Issues

    The export process is outside the carrier’s control and involves the customs authority of both the sender and recipient country

    There are three main types of customs problems:

    Absence of documents required for the customs process or the documents presented are wrong.

    Whenever you notice a delay in the customs clearance process you should contact our support for us to investigate the situation in order to avoid the return of the shipment.

    Content of the object to be exported is a prohibited item

    There are certain items whose export or import by certain countries is prohibited (firearms for example). Whenever you wish to send an unusual object you should contact the customs service of Portugal and of the destination country to check if it is possible to make this shipment. Alternatively you can contact our support.

    Refusal of customs clearance costs by the recipient

    Unfortunately, sometimes recipients are not informed that they may incur customs clearance costs and refuse this payment. In these situations, the carrier contacts the receiver to verify if he/she wants to bear the cost of return or if he/she wants to sell the item. If no reply is received the item will be sold by the carrier after a few days.




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