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    Issues with the declaration of shipment

    During the process of declaring a shipment there is a verification and validation by the carrier of the sender and recipient data entered for the shipment such as the postal code, number of characters in the name, address and telephone number fields and date and time of collection.

    At the same time, the carrier checks that the level of service and extra options are compatible with each other and that they are compatible with the requested shipment.

    Thus, the most common errors in the declaration of shipments are:

    • Invalid postcode
    • Telephone number (number of characters and format)
    • Number of characters in the address and name field
    • Incorrect province or country code
    • Use of wrong level of service (use of national services for international shipments for example)
    • Use of impossible extra options for the chosen service level or destination (use of hourly window for 48h shipments in CTT or Delivery Points in CTT international shipments)
    • Carrier does not ship to that destination (use of VASP for international shipments)


    Whenever a declaration error occurs, a warning will appear next to the shipment in the section Not declared.


    And also in the shipping history a description of the error in question will appear.


    You must access the shipment and make the necessary corrections and proceed again to declare the shipment. We remind you that only declared shipments are actually created with the carrier.

    If the problem persists you should contact our support.




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