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    Claim for failure to collect, delay, loss or damage to a shipment

    You can now contact our support directly from your customer area. If your question is regarding a specific pick-up or shipment you can access this feature directly from the shipment in question by clicking on the Need help button and choosing the type of question you want or by clicking on the support menu and entering the order number or tracking code.

    Access via a Shipment

    By choosing the desired option you will be directed to the support section and the shipping data will be already filled in.



    All you have to do is select the question you wish to place in the status option and complete the form.



    Access via the Support menu

    You can also access our support menu directly by clicking on Support and then choosing the desired section.


    When you click on Send, a message will appear indicating whether your request has been forwarded successfully and you will receive in your email a proof of this request with all the information left to which you can respond if you need to add more information or make any corrections.


    Types of questions available

    Through this new feature you can contact our support with questions related to several topics:

    • If you have a question about a shipment: Delay, damage, loss or if the tracking history is out of date;
    • If you want to schedule a pick-up: either because by mistake a pick-up was not requested when creating the shipment or because you need an extra collection for your shipments or you want a pallet collection;
    • If you have a question about a pick-up: failed pick-up, change of pick-up date or cancellation of a pick-up;
    • If you need to delete a shipment that has already been declared;
    • If you have difficulties integrating your online shop, or using our platform;
    • If you want to add addresses or change your account details;
    • If you want to make a suggestion to improve our platform; Your suggestions are always welcome, it is with your feedback that we can improve and respond to what you need to grow your business!



    The big advantage of using this method of contacting our support is that you will get a faster response! By using this method of contact:

    • Much of the information needed to identify the submission you want an answer about is automatically filled in;
    • We will receive all the necessary information to give you the best answer to your question, avoiding the exchange of several emails;
    • Our support identifies the situation to resolve more quickly;

    Please use this way of contacting us. By reducing the time spent by our support to answer each question it also allows us to answer more questions in the same period of time, thus reducing our response time to your questions!






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