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    Issues with a pick-up

    The pick-up appointment occurs when declaring the shipment if this option has been selected.

    There are two groups of situations that could lead to a pick-up not occurring:

    • No pick-up appointment has occurred:
    • This may occur because the pick-up option was not selected when the shipment was created
    • In the statement of shipment the carrier refused the pick-up because there was a problem with it (excessive weight in one of the items, date and time requested not available…)

    To avoid these situations you can confirm if the pick-up was requested by consulting the shipment in the Declared / In transit section.

    Here you can also check if it was properly scheduled because if it was, the pickup code will appear as well as the day and / or time of the same.



    If no pick-up has been booked, an error message will appear.


    In both of the above situations you should contact our support in order to request a pick-up appointment.


    • The pick-up was scheduled, but the courier did not show up at the expected time
      In this situation, it is necessary to find out from the carrier if the courier did not show up for reasons beyond his control or if there is some problem with the pick-up address that led the courier not to show up for the pick-up.
    • The pick-up was written off as not carried out due to an error by the carrier
      In this case, it is necessary to check with the carrier the reason why the pick-up was written off as not performed and possibly file a complaint in order to avoid being charged the fee for pick-up not performed.



    It is important to note that with rare exceptions when a pick-up does not happen on the day and time scheduled it usually will not occur in the future so if a pick-up does not occur you should always contact our support as soon as possible in order to verify the reason for this failure and schedule a new pick-up.





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    1. Hi, I have received a shiptimize label and wanted to make an appointment for the pick up and return of a parcel I ordered, but I don’t know how and where. Can you assist?

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