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    Issues with a delivery

    The aim of the carriers is to deliver the items as quickly as possible, but sometimes there are situations that prevent this delivery.

    The most frequent reasons for delivery failure are:

    • Absence of the addressee and/or recetáculo for acceptance of the order
    • Wrong or incomplete address of the recipient
    • Refusal of acceptance by the recipient
    • Normally when a delivery fails the courier will leave a reminder card if he/she has access to the postal address of the delivery address.
    • Parcels that fail to be delivered are forwarded to the local carrier’s office where they can be collected by the recipient.

    In the event of a delivery failure you may contact our support team as soon as possible to ascertain the cause of the non-delivery and make a plan to complete the shipment by either arranging for a re-delivery or re-routing the shipment to another address.

    This process may increase costs depending on the carrier and should be done as soon as possible to avoid the return of the shipment.



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