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    Cancelling a Shipment

    In fact, carriers only bill shipments that enter their network either by collection or delivery in a carrier’s office. However, if a collection is associated to that shipment, it is important to cancel it as soon as possible to avoid the costs of that failed collection.

    Please see how to cancel a pickup

    Regardless of whether or not it is billed, it is unpleasant to keep items in your client area that did not actually exist and may even lead to errors.

    Depending on the phase in which the dispatch is, the procedure for its elimination is different:

    If the shipment has not yet been declared

    You can delete it directly in your customer area.

    1. Go to the Shipments menu and the Undeclared section.
    2. Select the shipment you wish to delete
    3. Click the action button arrow and select Delete Shipment(s)
    4. Confirm that you want to proceed with the deletion by clicking Ok

    If the shipment has already been declared

    You should contact our support team to carry out the deletion of the shipment(s).



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