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    Packaging for fragile objects

    For the packaging of fragile objects it is important to select the materials you use well.

    Below you will find some suggestions for protecting your fragile objects for transport.

    • Two cardboard boxes of different sizes.
    • Cushioning materials
    • Styrofoam plates
    • Parchment paper
    • Styrofoam or PVC backing material


    It is very important that you wrap each object individually in cushioning materials protecting them from collision damage to each other and that they are protected from external impacts.

    Pack each item individually
    Use brown paper or newspaper sheets, followed by bubble wrap.

    Protect corners and edges of glass items
    Use styrofoam boards or other strong cushioning material.

    The bottom of the pack should be filled with styrofoam pellets or other cushioning material of your choice, then place your already packed fragile objects in the pack and add more cushioning materials until all empty spaces are filled. Make sure all the items are perfectly immobilised. You should not include objects with different densities in the same package.

    Protect the outside of the packaging.
    Use styrofoam or similar boards to measure each side of the package.

    Use two packages of different sizes.
    Place the package containing the objects inside another more resistant package and fill in all empty spaces with cushioning materials. You should reinforce the edges of the package with strong PVC material.




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