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    Volumetric weight, what it is and how to get it


    The volumetric weight reflects the density of the object, which is the amount of space a package occupies regardless of its actual weight.

    The volumetric weight is obtained using the values of the length, width and height of the object in centimetres and a conversion constant. This conversion constant is particular to each carrier or service.

    Volumetric weight = (Length x Height x Width) / Conversion constant

    Find below the conversion rates:


    Carrier Service Level Constant
    DHL Express All 5000
    UPS All 5000
    CTT Islands 6000
    Spain 4000
    International 5000
    VASP Islands 4000
    GLS Portugal Mainland 4000
    Islands Air 4000
    Islands Sea 3000
    Spain 4000
    International 4000
    CEX Iberian Land 6000
    Iberian Sea 3000
    International 5000
    DHL parcel B2C 6000
    B2B Mainland, Balearic Islands and Madeira 4000
    B2B Canary Islands and Azores 5000
    DPD Portuguese Islands 4000
    International 5000
    Internacional Islands 4000
    Continental Spain, balearic islands and ceuta 5000
    Canary Islands and Melilla 3000




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