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    Pickup Cancellation

    Depending on the stage the shipment is at, the procedure for cancelling the collection of a shipment is different:

    Before being declared

    Since the collection is scheduled when the shipment is declared, while the shipment is in the Undeclared phase you can remove the collection request

    1. Go to the Shipments menu and section Undeclared.
    2. Click on the shipment in order to open it
    3. Uncheck the option “activate collection request
    4. Click on Save changes

    After the shipment has been declared

    At this stage, the pick-up has already been scheduled with the carrier, so please contact our support as soon as possible requesting to cancel the pick-up.

    Normally you can use the same shipping label generated to perform the dropoff of the order with the exception of GLS. In this case you should generate a new label in the appropriate format.

    Depending on the carrier and the time at which the collection is cancelled, you may be charged a fee for collection not performed or cancellation of collection.

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