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    Supplies needed for shipping orders

    When packing your items you may use the materials you believe to be most appropriate.

    There is no special requirement on the part of the carriers to use one type of packaging over others.

    However, if you use outer packaging made of wood or metal, extra charges may apply as well as if the packaging is not square.

    In the special case of sending glass bottles, due to its fragility and density, it is advisable to use approved boxes for its transportation.

    Furthermore, some carriers (UPS and DHL) only accept damage claims if the transport occurs in the carriers’ own packaging.

    The latter can be ordered through our support.

    Shiptimize, through the various carriers, can provide you with free stationery such as multi-purpose bags of various sizes, self-adhesive document windows, roll labels or A5 labels.

    To order this material please contact our support.



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