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    Assigning shipping methods to carriers with specific options

    As of 06/04/2022, Ecwid, Epages, Jumpseller, Shopify, Weasy shops will no longer have the shipping method map for carriers . Instead, if customers wish to associate a shipping method with a carrier, they must create a rule in the rulebook.

    The example rule below states that when all conditions are met:

    1. The shop is wordpress.lan
    2. The shipping method in the Portugal zone, of type flat rate

    Then perform the actions:

    3. Set the carrier to CTT

    This is the simplest rule you can build.

    If you have several shipping methods which contain the name of the carrier you can also use the field “shipping method name” instead of “Shipping Method”.

    E.g. whenever ” shipping method name” “Contains” “CTT”. This way you avoid having to define a rule for each shipping method. ”

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