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    Estimate shipping costs

    To calculate the value of a shipment you should consider that in general this value is made up of 4 parts:

    • Value of the transport
    • Extra fees inherent to the particular conditions of the type of shipment, address of the sender and recipient
    • Extra fees inherent to the extra options desired
    • Customs clearance fees (for non-EU shipments)

    So you will need the following elements:

    • Sender and receiver address
    • Shipment size and weight
    • Value of the shipment (for non-EU shipments or if you want extra insurance)
    • Type of goods to send

    The transport value can be easily obtained by consulting our proposal or through our simulator.

    This value depends on the country or area where the shipment is picked up, the country or area where it will be delivered and the billable weight of the object (the billable weight is equal to the greater value between the actual weight and volumetric weight, this being calculated from the measurements of the object and according to the conversion factor of each service).

    Depending on the address where the item will be collected or delivered and the carrier to be used, the collection or delivery fee may be applied to remote areas. Likewise, depending on the type of address, the fee for collection or delivery to a home address may also apply.

    Depending on the weight and size of the item as well as its shape or packaging material, special handling or oversized weight and size charges may apply.

    If you wish the collection to take place at an address abroad, that extra insurance is added to the shipment or that the delivery occurs in a certain time window you should consider the value of those extra services.

    The extra-community shipments, once they are targets of customs treatment, depending on the declared value or the carrier you use will be applied the customs clearance rate. In the case of shipments to the United Kingdom, there is also the Brexit Tax.

    Due to the pandemic situation we are experiencing, an emergency fee has been implemented by all carriers for international shipments.

    To obtain all the values of the various fees you should consult our proposal.

    If you wish to make any shipment that is not described in our proposal or palletized shipments you should contact our support providing the information mentioned above.



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