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    How will I receive my invoice?

    The Shiptimize invoice is sent to your billing email.

    When do I receive my invoice?

    Shiptimize’s invoice is usually sent out the second week of each month and includes shipments made in the previous month. Due to the different billing cycles of each carrier and sometimes longer delivery times, certain shipments or fees may be partially billed in contiguous months.

    Shiptimize aims to send only one invoice per month but due to delays in receiving invoices from carriers we may exceptionally receive two invoices in the same month. Settlement may occur together.

    How can I pay my invoice?

    Your invoice can be settled by bank transfer to the account on your invoice.

    Our bank details are IBAN: PT50001000005546253000166

    What information does my invoice contain?

    The Shiptimize invoice is organised by carriers, service levels, shipping zones and billable weights.

    For a better analysis of your invoice, for each item billed you will indicate which shipment it belongs to (tracking number, recipient’s name and date of shipment). For shipments whose weight or dimensions are excessive, this data will also be included.

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