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    Shiptimize only intervenes as an intermediary in compensation processes. Carriers are responsible for the entire process of claim assessment, compensation amount assessment and compensation payment.

    Shiptimize guarantees that the claim is presented correctly by attaching all the necessary documents. In parallel it carries out a periodic follow-up in order to ensure as quick an outcome as possible.

    Any communication received in reference to claims is immediately forwarded to the claimant. When there is place for compensation, the amount paid by the carrier is transferred to the bank account indicated by the claimant.

    Due to the slowness and constraints that invalidate the claims through the insurance of the carriers, it is always preferable to obtain insurance for all your shipments directly with an insurance company of your choice.

    Compensation types

    Compensation may be awarded by the carrier when a shipment is damaged or lost.

    For the carrier to declare a shipment as lost there must be a tracking investigation process by the carrier. Only when the item is declared as lost does the compensation process begin.

    If there are signs of damage to the outer packaging, the recipient must mention this fact on delivery or refuse this delivery. In the event that there is no mention of damage during delivery, the compensation process may be refused by the carrier. In a damage claim it is always important that the outer packaging and the damaged item is kept until the end of the investigation process as there may be an audit by the carrier of these items

    Unfortunately, due to the pandemic situation, all warranty services have been cancelled. Therefore, although the various carriers’ services have an expected transit time, no refunds will be made for transportation or other compensation if these transit times are not respected.

    What amount will be considered for compensation?

    In a compensation process, the value that will be taken into account for that compensation will be the acquisition value (excluding VAT) of the damaged item. This value is independent of the sale value of the item.

    Depending on the carrier, the value of the shipment or the replacement shipment of the damaged or lost item may be compensated

    In the case of objects manufactured by the sender, the value will be considered the sale value of the same (without VAT) from which will be removed the percentage of average profit of that industry.

    The amount paid at the end of the compensation may be lower than the value taken as the basis for it if the insured value is lower than that value or if there is no extra insurance. In the latter case only up to 10 euros per kg will be paid.

    When should I ask for compensation?

    The situations in which compensation may occur is when an item is lost or damaged. You should note that the items are only considered lost when the carrier considers it as such. Although there is no updating of the tracking history for some time, it does not mean that the item is lost. Also, if the package is considered lost but is later found by the carrier, it will not be compensated.

    In the case of damage, you should always bear in mind that damage is only considered the carrier’s responsibility if the items to be transported are correctly packed.

    Why wasn’t I compensated?

    There are several reasons why the response to your complaint is unfavourable and no payment is issued.

    The most frequent reasons are:

    • Damage not caused by the carrier due to poor packaging of the item
    • No mention of damage in the delivery
    • No proof of acceptance of the shipment by the carrier in case of loss

    Whatever the reason given by the carrier for not accepting the claim, this reason will be indicated in the reply to the claim.

    How long does the claim process take before I am compensated?

    The compensation process is a lengthy process that can take several months to complete depending on the carrier.

    In addition, the length of the compensation process can depend on the type of claim, how quickly all the necessary documents are submitted and the time of year when the process is initiated.




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